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Eureka Hospitality is a consultancy comprised of hospitality professionals who not only know the business of management, but also know what it is like to work in hospitality

In today’s environment there are a number of issues that affect Hospitality Venues, from new forms of marketing through to managing costs. But this needs to be done in a way that your business does not sacrifice its competitive edge. We have seen a number of large brands struggling in the past couple of years, and the ones that have survived have been those that are dynamic enough to adapt to what is happening around them. There are many business consultancy firms that can offer a great deal of knowledge on legal and financial aspects of your business but you need to look at what knock on effects these may have for your businesses long term future. These consultants will be able to zero into their areas of expertise to give advise on that area.

We offer something different

We believe in a more holistic approach, where we understand how changing one thing may affect another. Having worked in the industry, we know what the day to day running of a venue is like. Solutions to problems may be agreed by many companies, but a workable solution and implementation plan can only be suggested by people that have worked in the industry. We understand the limitations and make realistic strategies that you can use to move your company forward.